About the Wall

When Save11 was first founded, an average of 11 teens died every day in car crashes.

Today, that number is slowly declining, but there’s still more to do to save teen lives. This permanent site stands as a living memorial for the loved ones they left behind. The Teen Memory Wall is a place where friends and family can gather to pay tribute, share, grieve, celebrate and never forget.

You shape the wall

Your participation transforms this memorial. There’s a lot of ways to honor someone you miss. You can post photographs, share written memories, sign a guestbook, or create your own memorial.

Here, you’ll find other families and communities who are grappling with similar losses. You’ll discover people empowered to do something constructive to honor someone they lost–whether through legislation or simply sharing memories. The memory wall allows us to grieve and commune, but above all, to celebrate young lives.

The wall

Each brick represents a teenager lost to car crashes. View the wall to visit a memorial page dedicated to that person.


Add to the wall

Honor someone you knew by creating a unique place for their friends and family to share memories and photos.


The community

A place where members can share their experiences, recommend resources and help one another heal


Why did Allstate build this website?

Because these deaths are preventable. We hope that by highlighting the tragedy of so many teen driving deaths a year; we can get much-needed legislation passed to reduce these deaths. By harnessing the power of those left behind we believe we can get Congress to finally act on behalf of our nation’s teens. Graduated Driving Laws like those found in The Transportation Reauthorization bill are proven to significantly reduce teen crash-related deaths in states where they have been adopted. But we need comprehensive federal legislation to protect all teens.

Learn about Allstate’s corporate advocacy to make driving safer for teenagers. Click here

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