About Corie


beckley, West Virginia

Independence High School, Beckly-Stratton Jr High

Corie was about to turn 16 when she lost her life in a car accident. Her and her sister Shawna who was 2 years older had just left the house and it wasnt 30 minutes later I heard the sirens. Corie and her boyfriend Joel died. Corie died instantly her sister Shawna was flown to a Trauma unit in Charleston and was a miracle she is alive today she had internal injuries and a rod put in her leg. To see Shawna now you would have never know 10 yrs ago they didnt think she would live she is 28 and has scars on her stomach from all the surgeries but other then that she is a walking miracle except the broken heart that can never be fixed.
Corie could light up a room with her smile. Not only was she beautiful she had such a great heart. After her accident that really had a huge impact on our town a boy who went with Corie to school told me that he had never fit in at school and always felt like a outcast but when Corie started high school with him he told me that there wasnt a day that went by that Corie made him feel special by making sure she would talk to him and make him feel like he was special and when I heard that story I was so proud to know how she had touched a life like that and that she had probably touched more than I know. Sometime I would look at her and she was so pretty she would take my breathe away.
My Brother Dell told me at the hospital after the wreck and we had to stay there with Shawna. They were making plans for her funeral and it was all such a blur their were hundreds of kids at the hospital sleeping on floors waiting for Shawna to pull through it and I dont remember much but my brother said "you know I always thought she looked like an angel and she was to pretty for this world he said everytime he would look at her it was like she wasnt suppose to be here and sometimes well alot of times I find comfort in that because now I know for sure she is an angel but maybe it was true. Dont get me wrong she was a typical teenager and typical middle child who demanded all the attention. We lost her November 3.2001 and it feels like yesterday the pain doesnt get easier I guess it just becomes part of your everyday life.
The State Police said it was a true accident caused by the roads of WV and inexperience of driving and I blame noone but there has to be something now done with cell phones and texting something has to give. Because the stats will go up more now because of cell phones.
I am so glad I found this Web site because you see laws being passed for things that are can be controlled with self control. This is something I have been saying everytime I see congress passing another bill or a group raising awareness for other things. To this day if I hear a siren I call my other 2 trying to find them.

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