Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the purpose of this site?

The memory wall is a living memorial to teens that have died in car crashes. This site provides a place where friends and family can pay tribute, reminisce and share.

Why only include teenagers?

The memory wall was created as a memorial for teenage drivers, who suffer a disproportionate number of driving fatalities. Nearly 11 teenagers die in car crashes every day. We’d like to raise awareness of this specific and profound problem. You can register a memorial for people ages 13-19.

Who created this site?

Allstate. You can learn about our related efforts to support national Graduated Driver Licensing laws here.

Why is Allstate supporting this site?

We’re doing this at Allstate because we think some of these tragedies are preventable. The problem touches almost every community in the country. We want to reduce or eliminate the more than 4,000 needless driving fatalities that occur among teenagers every year. We created the memory wall to show the magnitude of this issue, but also to bring people together to grieve, commune, and to celebrate young lives.

How do I create a profile page?

With a few steps, a parent or legal guardian can create a memorial. You only need some basic biographical info and a photo. Click here, we’ll take you through the easy process step by step.

How do I upload a photo?

You can add photos and captions to the memorial of someone you knew. You must be logged in to your account on the site. From the memorial page, click the “add photo“ button or link. Any photos you add will appear on the memorial page beneath the biographical info and main photo. They can also be viewed in a slideshow. Only the person who created the memorial can set and change the main profile photo.

See example profile with photos

How do I leave a comment?

You must be logged in to your account on the site. If you don’t have an account, it’s simple to register here.

Why do I need to register for parts of the site?

Registering is one way to help people connect. Memories and photos you share will be attributed to you. We want to make sure the content is appropriate and ensure people are accountable for what they upload. Your information will remain private. Privacy policy.

What is the guestbook?

Any visitor to this site may sign a guestbook. Each memorial has their own dedicated guestbook for family, friends and visitors. Simply type in your first and last name and click “sign”.

What if I see something inappropriate on this site?

Much of the content on this site is generated by its users. Although the site is monitored, we allow people to upload photos and comments freely. If you see inappropriate content, please notify us by clicking the tab, found at the bottom of any page, that says “report inappropriate content”. Flagged content will be addressed within 1 business day. You can also contact the Teen Memory Wall team directly through the Site Feedback form.

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